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37 West 57th Street, New York City 


January 24–February 16             

The Works of John Hejduk

January 8–February 2                

Gene Davis: Paintings of the Fifties and Recent Work

March–April 12                         

Mary Miss: Falseworks

April–May 10                            

Will Insley

April–May 10                            

Gary Bower

May 13–June 13                        

Massimo Scolari: Watercolors and Drawings, 1969–1979

June 17 (opening)                     

Architecture Invitational, Peter Eisenman invites Emilio Ambasz; Michael Graves invites Antoine Grumbach; John Hejduk invites Daniel Libeskind; Léon Krier invites Rita Wolf; Aldo Rossi invites Carlo Anonymo; Massimo Scolari invites Giorgio Grassi

September 5–October 4            

Gallery Artists

September 4–October 4            

Michael Graves: Current Work

October 9–November 1             

Sol LeWitt: Photo-Grids

October 9–November 1             

Gary Bower

October 11–November 7           

Emilio Ambasz: House for a Couple in Cordoba, Spain

November 6–29                                    

Denise Green: Ellipses

November 6–30                                    

Richard Meier: Everything for the Home

December 4–January 12                        

Ezra Stoller: Photographs of Architecture 1939-1980

December 4–January 10                        

Richard Fleischner


37 West 57th Street, New York City 


January 16–February 7              

Pat Steir

Léon Krier: Architectural Drawings for the Reconstruction of the European City, 1967–1980

February 11–March 6                

Jackie Ferrara: Maquettes for Wallyards, Courtyards, and Landscapes

Will Insley: Section Drawings of a Building from ONECITY

February 12–April                     

Charles Moore: New Church Building for the Parish of St. Matthews, Pacific Palisades, California

March 12–April 4                      

Siah Armajani: Dictionary for Building I: Doors, Windows, Notations and Models

Sol LeWitt: Wall Drawings, Geometric Figures

April 9–May 2                          

David Reed

Scott Burton: New Tables

Romaldo Giurgola: Parliament House Australia, Formative Sketches

May 7–30                                 

Pinchas Cohen Gan

Vito Acconci: Vehicle/Architecture/Propaganda

June 4–July 31                          

Louis I. Kahn: Drawings


Group Show

September 10–October 31        

Aldo Rossi: Monuments of Venice

Richard Fleischner

November 5–December 3          

Pat Steir: Explorations

December 3–January 7              

Group Show

December 3–January 2              

Bernard Tschumi: The Manhattan Transcripts, “The Block”

December 4–January 7              

Christof Kohlhofer: The Ersatz Piece and the real thing…



Protetch-McNeil / 214 Lafayette Street, New York City


November 21 (opening)            

Open Storage, including artists and architects Vito Acconci, Siah Armajani, Gary Bower, Farrell Brickhouse, Scott Burton, Pinchas Cohen Gan, Peter Eisenman, Jackie Ferrara, Richard Fleischner, Frank Gehry, Michael Graves, Denise Green, John Hejduk, Will Insley, Alfred Jensen, Sol LeWitt, Mary Miss, Ree Morton, David Reed, Aldo Rossi, Pat Steir, and Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown



37 West 57th Street, New York City 


January 7–February 6                

Russian and Other Original Avant-Garde Posters of the 1920s and 1930s

January 7–February 6                

Ree Morton: Selected Works: 1974–1976

February 12–March 6                

Will Insley: Cross Section Drawings of a Building from ONECITY

February 12–March 6                

Jackie Ferrara: Maquettes for Wallyards, Courtyards, and Landscapes

March 11–April 3                      

O.M.A. Rem Koolhaas, Elia Zenghelis: Projects, 1972–1982

April 8–May 6                           

Pinchas Cohen Gan: Black Sabbath 1982: from Steve Austin to the Prophets


April 8–May 6                           

Farrell Brickhouse: New Works


May 7–29                                 

Tables and Chairs: Vintage Modern and Recent Burton, including chairs by Scott Burton, Marcel Breuer, Hans Luckhardt, Wassili Luckhardt, Werner Moser, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Mart Stam


June 4–July 30                          

Siah Armajani, Scott Burton, Jackie Ferrara, Frank Gehry, Michael Graves, Aldo Rossi


June 4–July 31                          

Frank Gehry: Furniture, Drawings and Models


August 1–31                             

Group Show


September 15–October 16        

Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown: Buildings and Drawings


October–November 13              

Philip Pavia


Protetch-McNeil / 214 Lafayette Street, New York City


January 7 (opening)                   

Open Storage Space: John Hejduk, Farrell Brickhouse, Scott Burton, Vito Acconci, Jackie Ferrara, Michael Graves, Alfred Jensen, Ree Morton


37 West 57th Street, New York City 


January 6–February 5                

Jackie Ferrara

February 9–March 5                  

John Hejduk: Solopacan Variations

February 26–March 26              

Christof Kohlhofer: Therapeutic Paintings

March 8–April 2                        

Siah Armajani: Dictionary for Architecture II

April–May 7                              

Pat Steir

May 14–June 11                        

Michael Graves: Current Work

June–July 30                             

Group Show, including Siah Armajani, Scott Burton, Jackie Ferrara, Frank Gehry, Michael Graves, Robert Mangold, Aldo Rossi, Pat Steir


August–September 2                 

Major Modern Sculpture, including Siah Armajani, Scott Burton, Mary Miss, Jackie Ferrara, Alice Aycock, Richard Fleischner


Sept 16–Oct 16                         

Frank Lloyd Wright: Drawings from 1893–1959


November 15–December 10      

David Reed

Richard DeVore

Architecture in Silver, including Michael Graves, Hans Hollein, Charles Jencks, Richard Meier, Alessandro Mendini, Paolo Portoghesi, Aldo Rossi, Stanley Tigerman, Oscar Tusquets, Robert Venturi, Kazumasa Yamashita


December 14–January 7            

Five Sculptors: Siah Armajani, Scott Burton, Jackie Ferrara, Richard Fleischner, Mary Miss



Protetch-McNeil / 214 Lafayette Street, New York City


January 15 (opening)                 

The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Laughter, including Mike Glier, Ilona Granet, Jenny Holzer, Mary Kelly, Barbara Kruger, Nancy Spero; curated by Richard Flood


February 26–March 26              

Christof Kohlhofer: Therapeutic Paintings

April 1–30                                 

Frank Young: Paintings

Ricardo Regazzoini: Columns

May 7–June 4                           

Alice Aycock: The Thousand and One Nights in The Mansion of Bliss

July–September 2                     

Major Modern Sculpture: Scott Burton, Siah Armajani, Mary Miss, Jackie Ferrara, Alice Aycock and Richard Fleischner


September 10–October 8          

Portraits for the 80s, including Donald Baechler, Leon Golub, Lee Gordon, Sally Heller, Steve Lindsay, Katherine Sherwood, Frank Young; curated by Richard Flood 


37 West 57th Street, New York City 


January 10–February 4              

Ree Morton: Paintings

Betty Woodman: Conversations and Reflections

January 14–February 11            

Christof Kohlhofer 

February–March 17                  

Steve Lindsay, Lee Gordon, Willy Heeks

March 9 - 31                             

Isamu Noguchi: Steel Sculpture  

April 5–April 28                         

Siah Armajani: Dictionary for Building III

May 3–June 2                          

Léon Krier: Projects 1980–1983

June 8–August                          

Saarinen & Swanson: Drawings & Designs

June 8–July 28                          

Furnishings by Architects: Prototypes of New Designs in Editions, including Elizabeth Diller, Don Eddy, Jeremy Frank, Frank Gehry, Jeffrey George, Nicholas Goldsmith, Michael Graves, Steven Holl, Elias Moser, Gaetano Pesce, Henry Smith-Miller & Laurie Hawkinson, Bruce Tomb, Marek Walczak, Tod Williams & Billie Tsien, James Wollens

September 6–October 6            

Erik Gunnar Asplund     

October 12–November 3           

Will Insley: Early Wall Fragments

November 8–December 1          

Jackie Ferrara: New Work

November 9–December 1          

Robert Israel: Masks and Costumes for Akhnaten

December 7–December 29        

Michael Graves: Drawings for The Great Gatsby

December 7–January 5              

Donald Judd


Protetch-McNeil / 214 Lafayette Street, New York City


January 14–February 11             

Christof Kohlhofer

February 17–March 17             

Steve Lindsay, Willy Heeks, Lee Gordon

March 24                                  

Mary Miss: Interior Works: 1966–1984


October 28–December 3           

Andrea Blum: Project Drawings


NOTE: Mary Miss’s large scale show Interior Works stayed on view at Protetch-McNeil through 1985 after which the space no longer staged formal exhibitions but continued to operate as an open storage gallery. 


37 West 57th Street, New York City


January 12–February 16             

The Drawings of Frank Lloyd Wright

March 2–30                              

Scott Burton: Geometric Granite Furniture

April 3–27                                 

David Reed: Paintings

Betty Woodman: Italian Vases

May 3–25                                 

Mies van der Rohe: Sketches

Group Show, including Siah Armajani, Scott Burton, Jackie Ferrara, Will Insley, May Miss, Pete Omlor, Jacqueline Poncelet, David Reed, Betty Woodman

June 8–July 14                          

Erik Gunnar Asplund [in collaboration with GA Tokyo]

June 21–August 30                    

Drawings: Nine Architects, including Emilio Ambasz, Ricardo Bofill, Roger Ferri, Michael Graves, John Hejduk, Léon Krier, Mark Mack, Paul Rudolph, Lauretta Vinciarelli

September 5–28                       

Bernard Tschumi: Drawings Parc De La Villette

October 4–26                            

Peter Omlor: Paintings

October 4–26                            

Will Insley: Drawings

November 1–30                                    

Siah Armajani: Dictionary for Building IV

December 5–January 4              

Michael Graves: Recent Projects

December 7–January 5              

Donald Judd: Architectural Drawings and Furniture


37 West 57th Street, New York City


January 14–February 1              

Paintings & Drawings: Christian Haub, Ron Janowich, Peter Omlor, David Reed, Alan Uglow, John Virtue

February 5–March 1                  

Mies van der Rohe: Architectural Drawings

Paul Rudolph: Projects 1949–1985

March 5–29                              

Louis Sullivan: Stencils and Terracottas

April 1–May 3                           

Scott Burton: Recent Work

May 7–31                                 

Jacqueline Poncelet: Recent Sculpture

May 7–31                                 

Michelle Stuart: Recent Paintings

May 30–June 8                         

Benefit Exhibition and Auction for Architects, Designers and Planners for Social Responsibility

June 1986                                 

Architectural Drawings by Ando, Arquitectonica, Bofill, Botta, Graves, Gwathmey

July–August 30                          

Robert Israel

September 10–October 4          

Ricardo Bofill, Taller de Arquitectura: The City: Classicism and Technology

October 8–November 1             

David Reed: Paintings

November 5–29                                    

Betty Woodman

December 10–January 3                        

Arata Isozaki: Drawings and Prints


37 West 57th Street, New York City


January 6–February 7                

Frank Lloyd Wright: Architect [in collaboration with GA Tokyo]

February 11–March 4                

Architectural Drawings, including John Hejduk, Frank Lloyd Wright, Michael Graves, Bernard Tschumi

March–April 4                           

Richard DeVore

April–May 2                              

Nicholas Wilder

April–May 2                              

Pete Omlor

May 5–June 6                          

The Drawings of Frank Lloyd Wright

June 9–July 10                         

Zaha Hadid: Projects


560 Broadway, New York City


September 26–October 31        

Scott Burton: New Work         


September 26–October 31       

James Wines: Drawings for SITE

October 31–December 5           

Siah Armajani: Elements I

November 4–December 12        

Richard Buckminster Fuller

December 12–January 9            

Group Show, including Siah Armajani, Scott Burton, Jackie Ferrara, Graham Norwell, David Reed, Betty Woodman

December 17–January 16          

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


January 16–February 13            

David Reed

January 20–February 26            

Office for Metropolitan Architecture (Rem Koolhaas and Elias Zenghelis): Recent Projects

February 20–March 19              

Will Insley

March 2–April 9                        

John Hejduk: Lancaster/Hanover Masque

March 26–April 23                    

Betty Woodman

April 11–16                               

Architectural Drawings for Architects, Designers and Planners for Social Responsibility

April 20–May 21                       

Bernard Tschumi: Recent Projects

May 25–June 18                        

Barbara Stauffacher Solomon: Green Architecture and the Agrarian Garden Drawings

June–July 15                             

Arakawa, Alfred Jensen, Sol LeWitt

June 23–August 12                    

Charles Moore: Buildings and Projects, 1949–1986

September 15–November 5       

Coop Himmelb(l)au (Wolf D. Prix and Helmut Swiczinsky): Open Architecture

September 17–October 22        

Niek Kemps

November–December 3            

William T. Wiley

November 10–January 7            

Gaetano Pesce: Work

December 22–February 18        

Group Show: Gallery Artists, including Siah Armajani, Scott Burton, Will Insley, Marilyn Minter, Pete Omlor, David Reed, Michelle Stuart, Nicholas Wilder, William T. Wiley, Betty Woodman


Protetch-McNeil / 214 Lafayette Street, New York City


May 11–29                               

1987–1988 Distinguished Architecture Awards


560 Broadway, New York City


February–March 11                   

Erik Gunnar Asplund

February–March 18                   

Richard DeVore

March 11–April 15                    

Betty Woodman: Unique Porcelains Made at La Manufacture Nationale de Sevres

March 21–May 20                     

New Projects by Architects, including Ricardo Bofill, Peter Eisenman, Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki, Rem Koolhaas, Bernard Tschumi  


March 29–April 29                    

Siah Armajani: Elements

May–June 10                            

Scott Burton

May 25–July 28                         

John Eberson: Atmospheric Theaters of the Twenties. Drawings & Photographs

June–July 14                             

James O. Clark

September 9–October 21          

Aldo Rossi: USA

October 12–November 15         

David Reed

October 28–December 2           

Peter Eisenman: Snakes and Ladders

November–December 5            

Nicholas Wilder

November 8–January 5              

Built Projects, including Erik Gunnar Asplund, John Eberson, John Hejduk, Rem Koolhaas, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Aldo Rossi, SITE, Louis Sullivan, Bernard Tschumi, Frank Lloyd Wright

December 9–January 13            

Max Protetch Gallery: 20 Years, including Vito Acconci, Siah Armajani, Jo Baer, Daniel Buren, Victor Burgin, Scott Burton, Christo, James O. Clark, Richard DeVore, Jackie Ferrara, Joel Fisher, Richard Fleischner, Jan Groover, Hans Haacke, Will Insley, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, Robert Mangold, Marilyn Minter, Mary Miss, Robert Morris, Pete Omlor, Judy Pfaff, Martin Puryear, David Reed, Dorothea Rockburne, James Rosenquist, Joel Shapiro, Andy Warhol, Nicholas Wilder, William T. Wiley, and Betty Woodman

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